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Contact24by7 has the depth of knowledge required to support CRM platform and meet your business needs. Our experience and expertise in handling clients of all sizes, understanding complex business needs, and supporting CRM platforms is critical.

Our contact center expertise allows us to offer additional cost-saving, efficiency-building functionality using CRM technology. Auto-populating data fields and access to alternate customer databases help us reduce or eliminate redundancy and manual data collection. We also add value with robust reporting tools that are easy to use and easy to share throughout your enterprise - offering actionable insights to improve business process and services.

We remotely access a variety of client systems, manipulating them and extracting reports from them to deliver added value. In each case, we partner with our client's internal IT group to ensure seamless integration of data across multiple sources.

We have a team of professionals dedicated to the support of CRM platform - iHexa.

Key Benefits of CRM:

Inbound Chat Support

In today's world, your online customer service strategy plays vital role in increasing your business. Contact24by7 offers you skilled expertise to interact with your customers using inbound chat. With just the click of the mouse, your web site visitors can contact our support team for live assistance through live chat system.

Our expertise possesses strong, well-developed written communication skills geared towards engaging customers. They are well trained to initiate chat and offer promotions to your visitors at critical times during their online visit and are habitual to make sure contacts with customers.

Key Benefits of Web Chat:

Inbound Email Support

Our Inbound Email processing allows your clients to better manage customer support requests through information sharing and routing. User has facility to create rules for in-bound e-mails assign cases to the right customer automatically.

Our Email Response solution manages your customers to receive an appropriate email response quickly and accurately which will improve your customer service approach and sales strategy. 24-hours a day email response will give personalized and immediate responses to your customer's emails. This is an additional support to customer interaction via telephone and live chat services.

We use our iHexa software for email management. We store list of FAQs and answers for each product/service. Our expertise provides you prompt answers and general information effortlessly. We assure response turnaround time of less than5 hours for our client's queries.

Key Benefits of Inbound Email Support:

SMS Updates

With our unique technology solutions and skilled resources, Contact 24by7 makes optimum use of SMS feature to be in touch with your customers. We can send and receive the updates and notifications to and from your customers and manage them.

Ticket Management

At corporate level, managing customer support services using help desk can be a tricky issue. Companies spend much time and money simply receiving and solving customer support issues using complicated helpdesk management software. Many companies offer online help desk software systems with their own sets of limitations. Our approach is simple and focused on maximizing efficiency using web based help desk environment.

Ticket Manager is used to track ticket information especially efficient and beneficial for small or mid-sized businesses that do not wish to manage their own information systems or are too focused or busy to do so.

iHexa Ticket Manager brings state-of-the-art technology to your finger tips for managing your support cells. That way, you can focus on your core business functions and let our system take the pain out of your service response. Higher service levels and increased quality of solutions provided directly spell customer satisfaction and more number of repeat customers for your business.

We have expert resources who can manage the customer tickets using iHexa Ticket Manager.

Key Benefits of Ticket manager:

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